"Do I need to call ahead for my dog?"

Yes please! We require daycare dogs give us 24hrs notice. All boarding appointments made within 48hrs are subject to a 10% late fee. You can call us at 215-428-4701 or email us at fourpawsreservations@gmail.com for an appointment.  


"Do I have to bring my dog every day for the whole day?"
Our customers and their dogs have varied needs and we are happy to accommodate them. So, you can bring your dog in on any schedule that works for you - from every day of the week to once in a while, from a full day to a few hours. We often discourage dogs from coming every day, as it can "lose the novelty." Three days a week at most is more than enough for most dogs.


"What's a typical day like?"

Our daycare opens are 6am and runs all day long! Each group is supervised by a trained staff member who will engage the dogs in games and activities.  We rotate rooms every hour to keep the dogs moving and playful. Our dogs are moved from room to room, inside and outside all day long! We play with toys and add new friends as the day goes on.

"Don't the Dogs Fight?"
The dogs get along remarkably well. Dogs are very social creatures and, generally, love other dogs and people. However, dogs are animals and do occasionally get into fights, even dogs that normally play together very well. Our staff is very alert to that possibility and will generally stop a disagreement before it gets to the fight stage. One of the wonderful things about dogs is that they can have disagreements, and the next minute, be best friends again. 

"Do any of the dogs ever get hurt?"
Again, dogs are animals, and, therefore, not completely predictable. On rare occasions, there is an injury, most often the result of rough play. This is a little more difficult to monitor because we want them to play and have fun, but we do our best to slow things down if it looks like someone is getting TOO rough.

"Does my small dog have to play with the big dogs?"
Dogs are grouped by size and temperament, so we do have a group of small dogs everyday that play very nicely together.  However, some of our small dogs prefer to play with the big ones. We do our best to accommodate each dog's special needs and preferences.

"Is there always someone with the dogs?"
Our Daycare groups are constantly supervised by a trained group leader; the dogs are never alone.

We do our best to minimize any injuries to your Pets while they are playing here at Golden Paws in their playgroups, they may at times, play a little rougher and wrestle around more with each other, through out the day. This interaction is very good for socialization and for your dog to burn energy.


"What about injuries?"

It is not uncommon for some dogs to leave with minor cuts, scrapes, or lose small patches of fur. They love this type of play and we have our group leaders watching the dogs at all times. Although very rare, occasionally some rough play may result in more serious injuries.
It may also be possible for your dog to get some minor cuts, scrapes or even rawness on their noses. This is due to the fact that some dogs may become curious at all the different sights and smells at our facility. Some dogs may rub their noses at the bottom of the door of their room in an attempt to “smell” what’s going on. 


"My dog is limping after his first day, why?"

It is very common for dogs’ paw pads to be sore after spending the day having fun, especially when they first start coming. Most dogs’ pads are not accustomed to playing all day, but it is only temporary, as they come more and more, their pads will get stronger. We also notice that dogs who are overweight are not used to the exercise and are sore, just like a day at the gym!