We offer a kennel-free, all-day-play daycare experience with experienced staff who are trained in dog behavior, pet first aid and CPR.  The dogs are grouped together typically by size, but also by temperament. The needs of each individual dog are considered when our trained staff members put playgroups together. You may see a larger senior dog with the smaller dogs, or a small feisty dog with a larger group.


We have plenty of toys and obstacles for the dogs to interact with, along with our dog-loving staff, to make your dog's visit with us as rewarding as possible.  Our first concern is always for the dogs in our care, and we carefully monitor their interaction within the groups.  We make every effort to communicate with you about your dog's behavior.  We may recommend shorter days for overstimulated dogs, or an older senior dog may benefit from a half-day instead of a full 9-hour day.


Weather permitting, we always spend time outside so the dogs get to play in the fresh air! Our indoor play areas are climate controlled, and we switch our groups inside and outside every hour. We have nine different play areas with different toys, obstacles and smells which enable us to keep things exciting for the dogs, so they don't get bored in the same room. In extreme heat, we will keep breeds at risk for heat stroke in our air conditioned indoor areas, and all dogs will go out less often to keep cool inside.   In winter, we recommend that short-haired dogs wear jackets or sweaters provided by the pet parent.  We are out in all weather!  Our dogs get wet in the rain, are allowed to play in the snow and are offered the pools in the summer.


For the safety of your dog, and all the dogs in our care, all dogs must all pass an enrollment screening prior to attending daycare or boarding. This consists of a tour of the facility, a discussion with the pet parent, and an assessment from a staff member who will gently introduce your dog to one of our groups to see how the dog responds. We welcome all breeds, but every dog must pass this behavior assessment, from the biggest mastiff to the smallest chihuahua!  During your initial visit, our staff will provide additional information about our schedules and procedures, and answer any questions that you may have. We want you to feel comfortable leaving your dog in our care, knowing that your dog’s safety and enjoyment are our number one priority.


To speak with our staff about starting your dog on our daycare schedule, or if you just have questions, please feel free to give us a call at the staff desk at 215-428- 4701.  We look forward to hearing from you!