Send your pups to us for their own vacation while you're away!  Our overnight guests enjoy the same all-day play atmosphere in our daycare. Multiple dogs from the same family can sleep together or separately, whichever you prefer. We have larger sleeping quarters for the biggest of dogs, along with cozier, smaller spaces that the little dogs can feel safe in.  Our facility is fully climate controlled for the comfort of your dog.


Our guests are welcome to bring a bed or blanket for their stay. If your dog has a tendancy to shred bedding, we can provide a comfortable cot.  Please send only enough food for your dog's stay, in pre-portioned baggies for easier and accurate feeding.  We will also administer any necessary medication, at no additional cost.  For the safety of your dog, all prescriptions must be current and in the original container with proper instructions.   


It is recommended that your dog attend daycare at least once before boarding, so we can get better acquainted with your dog.   We want to be sure that they will be comfortable in a social group with other dogs.  This also helps them acclimate to our full schedule and make lots of friends!   


We recommend that dogs arrive early on their boarding day, as they benefit most from having a full day of play before staying overnight.  


Reservations should be made at least 48hrs in advance, and cancellations, too!